Business Introduction

Under the background of global economic integration, the number of outbound business travelers and tourists in various countries around the world has grown rapidly, forming a huge group of high-end consumers. At present, the service pattern of separatism among telecom operators in different countries is extremely incompatible with this situation. Unreasonably expensive roaming charges and the tedious business model of having to change cards to accept local services have greatly hampered the communication needs of travelers.

[YUNYOBO] is a globally integrated B2C trading platform based on three high-tech core patents, which enables mobile phone users home and abroad to travel anywhere in the world and use their own mobile phones, without having to change cards, to purchase telecom services from operators in the destination country. The platform remotely writes the selected service number into the user's mobile phone, satisfying the user’s desire to enjoy overseas calls and high-speed mobile Internet access at the low rates of local operators. If the telecom charges overseas can be consistent with the local rates, or even more favorable, will there be anyone who shuts down their phone to avoid fees from regular communications and mobile Internet services while traveling abroad? This will be a huge market with rigid demand and an annual transaction volume of over RMB 1 trillion.

[YUNYOBO] has achieved full compatibility with different operators, different networks, and different mobile phone systems worldwide. Through cooperation with YUNYOBO, the mobile communication operators in various countries can simply dock with the YUNYOBO standardized interface, without additional investment or large-scale system modification, to realize the release, inquiry, purchase and activation of telecom plans, as well as user and data management, which enables them to provide localized telecom services for foreign users. As a result, operators in each country and region will actually come to serve global users while grasping the opportunity to provide telecom services for business travelers and tourists from other countries. The expansion of target groups will surely bring about a huge influx of new users and create long-term and stable revenue growth points. This is a rare opportunity for operators in any country around the world to expand the scale of their users.

[YUNYOBO] will change the traditional operation and service pattern of separatism among global operators, enabling users in all countries to enjoy convenient and globally-integrated telecom services, the freedom to choose services from different operators, as well as a genuine “Traveling the World with One Phone” experience. It will become a must-do action for outbound travelers in all countries to download and install the YUNYOBO app on their mobile phones. The app is precisely targeted at outbound business travelers and tourists, a group with high spending power and the potential to become permanent users once registered. With more than one billion users downloading the app, it will naturally form a database of massive high-end customers and a huge portal for mobile Internet traffic. Its extended value is limitless.

[YUNYOBO] is a revolutionary business model with technological innovation at its core. The implementation of this business model driven by strong rigid demand is bound to ignite the huge consumer market of telecom roaming service. Meanwhile, it will also promote the advance of mobile phone hardware technology by leaps and bounds. It is entirely predictable that in three years or so, a great company comparable to BAT will be born on the land of China. It is not unthinkable!


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